Luiza Leorato
de Araujo

Gam­biar­ra is a word orig­i­nat­ed from the Brazil­ian cul­ture, which is used in a dai­ly basis to name spon­ta­neous solu­tions for every­day sit­u­a­tions, using the resources avail­able at the time. In a deep­er lev­el, the mean­ing of gam­biar­ra, is direct­ly relat­ed to cre­ative behav­iour, as it is the abil­i­ty to under­stand poten­tial new uses of objects and asso­ciate it to unex­pect­ed con­texts ● Gam­biar­ra No.14 is a con­cept of pos­si­ble new util­i­sa­tions for cable ties. Since they are an indus­tri­al prod­uct with one con­sid­ered func­tion, the project aims to decon­tex­tu­al­ize cable ties’ use and add new val­ues to it. Con­sid­er­ing Brazil as a chaot­ic sys­tem, based on its social and cul­tur­al organ­i­sa­tion, Gam­biar­ra No.14 also rep­re­sents a para­dox: it is the inter­sec­tion point between chaos and order — it is just enough struc­ture to organ­ise chaos into a pos­i­tive result; With Ger­many as the order ele­ment, Gam­biar­ra No.14 aims to trans­form soci­etyvs func­tion­al­i­ty pre­con­cep­tions into new pos­si­ble util­i­sa­tions and inter­pre­ta­tions for triv­ial objects. Thus, Gam­biar­ra No.14 brings the dai­ly impro­vi­sa­tion of Brazil­ian cul­ture into the struc­tured Ger­man con­text ● The project is an exam­ple of one of mul­ti­ple pos­si­ble inter­pre­ta­tions, and it is not lim­it­ed to one object or one solu­tion. Dif­fer­ent exam­ples with the cable tie struc­tures were stud­ied and can be ver­i­fied in the doc­u­men­ta­tion of the process.

Gambiarra No.14

geprüft von

  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. Torsten Wittenberg
  • Dipl.-Des. Matthias Burhenne


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